Mermaid E-1100/16

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Features & Benefits:

  • Solid Galvanized & powder coated frame
  • Non-corrosive material used in pumps and fittings
  • Pump with triplex (3) Solid Carbide Plungers
  • Stainless steel pump head
  • Built in stainless Unloader/safety valve
  • Crankcase made of solid cast-iron ensuring stability and vibration dampening
  • Weather proof star/delta starter box
  • Stainless steel valve casing
  • Built in booster pump with independent electrical connection
  • Powerful 40HP Motor with overload relay, IP55 classification, Class F insulation and continuous running duty
  • Low water level cut off switch
  • 25 Micron Filtration system
  • 80L heavy duty water tank with filter and inlet float valve

Standard Accessories:

  • Dump Gun with 1m Stainless Steel Lance with Straight Jet Nozzle
  • Electrical Cable, oil resistant – 15m
  • High Pressure Hose 1/2” – 20m


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