Delta Booster SC Delta 6P 160/9000-4

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Features &  Benefits:

  • Compact design with stainless steel frame and cabinet
  • Easy to transport and prepare for use
  • Fully automatic with one main ON-OFF and all other controls easily understand and used at cleaning site by users
  • On-board pump management system with touch screen controls start/stop according to demand
  • Diagnostic system gives service alerts to minimize down time
  • Optimal service access from front and top of the machine
  • Possibility to remove motor pump unit for service whilst the others continue to function = Reduce/eliminate down time
  • NA6 high flow 4-piston motor pumps with long life time
  • 6 pumps for up to 12 users at the same time
  • Line pressures up to 160 bar
  • Water flow rate up to 150l/min (For SC Delta 6P 160/9000-6)

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