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Surface Preparation And General Cleaning


DENSIN high-pressure cleaners have for many years been one of the most ideal solutions for cleaning and maintenance of marine equipment. These cleaners are very useful in the marine because of their ability to effectively remove all dirt, salt and rust from ships decks to maintain clean surfaces. At the same time it is also very efficient machines for removal of lime scale deposits and marine growth. Actually it can be used for cleaning of any kind of steel and concrete surfaces, if necessary.

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DENSIN water solutions are in construction known as efficient tools in the cleaning of industrial floors and construction machinery and equipment. It can be used to effectively remove painting, plaster, asphalt, concrete, coatings, rubber abrasion, oils, rust or multiple further materials, which is very important to do before you are waterproofing a surface.

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Offshore + Underwater

DENSIN water solutions have made it faster and easier to clean the surface for rust and other damages from the rough weather. Our solutions are not only effective on the platform but also for removal of marine growth both over and under water. By doing this you protect the steel and extend lifespan of the platform.

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Roadmark Removal

DENSIN water solutions have made it possible easily and efficiently to remove roadmarks with the high pressure of our water blasters. 

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Concrete Tank Cleaning

DENSIN high flow machines are a water solutions designed for multiple operations but are the best way to clean tanks. It is because the cleaning operation is done with special rotating nozzle carrier heads that are able to move in 2 and 3 dimensions and extension arms to provide the easiest and most efficient cleaning.

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Oil Pipe / Drain Cleaning

DENSIN water solutions are the ideal solution for cleaning pipes that are threatening to clog or already has clogged. This is because of the special drain-cleaning nozzle that improves the quality of the work and makes it easier to do the cleaning.

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DENSIN water solutions are necessary within a big part of the automotive industry because of its unique ability to remove dirt, mold, core sand, rust and paint from car parts and so they can be repainted.In addition to that it is the easiest and most effective tool for the cleaning and maintenance of machinery and equipment.

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General Cleaning

DEN-SIN offers a wide range of Water Blasting equipment ranging from 110 Bar to 2500 Bar catered for different industries such as Marine, Building & Construction, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Power Plants and many other industries.

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