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DEN-SIN - A Division Of Nilfisk

DEN-SIN is a member of the Nilfisk Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of professional cleaning equipment. Headquartered in Denmark, Nilfisk has developed professional cleaning equipment for over a 100 years. For more information please visit www.nilfisk.com.  

Wide Range Of DEN-SIN Products

DEN-SIN offers a wide range of Water Blasting equipment ranging from 110 Bar to 2500 Bar catered for different industries such as Marine, Building & Construction, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Power Plants and many other industries. DEN-SIN equipment is designed not only to clean surfaces but also to blast off scale, grime, rust, graffiti and even cut through concrete.

Best Service And Fastest Delivery standard

As the benefit of Water Blasting is becoming more recognized all over the world, DEN-SIN has gone through a rapid growth over the years leading to an aggressive expansion plan. DEN-SIN is now poised to be the world's foremost design and manufacturing company of High-Pressure Water Blasting systems with the best service and fastest delivery standard in the industry.

Efficient Service In The Business

Headquartered in Singapore, DEN-SIN has full manufacturing facilities in-house Research & Development capabilities, experienced production and service technicians and a dedicated team of Sales Managers. Our Customer Support & After Sales Service team is committed to provide the fastest and most efficient service in the business with daily delivery worldwide.


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